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Where to Keep Your Sex Toys Safe and Out of Sight

If you’re thinking about having sex with your partner, but aren’t sure where to keep your vibrator or other sex toys so other people do not accidentally stumble upon them, you’re not alone! There are lots of options that can help keep your bedroom safe and sound while still allowing you to enjoy the pleasure and intimacy that these toys provide Keep reading to find out where to hide your sex toys in plain sight so that your children or guests are very unlikely to find them! Safety FirstIt is very important to clean your toys after each use after they air dry and you store them in a safe place. When used on different body parts, sex toys can harbor bacterial infections, which can cause genital or urinary tract infections. Furthermore, if you are sharing your toys with a partner it is important that they be cleaned before they go anywhere near someone else’s privates. We highly recommend using a toy cleaner that is designed to clean away lubes and sanitize away any possible …

How I Found Myself at a Kinky Party

I know I am not alone when I admit that I have struggled with body dysphoria since I was a teenager. Thanks to genetics, I have had to process so many comments about my thick thighs and big butt since before I started growing boobs. I look back at photos of myself in my 20s and wonder how I could ever think I was fat! Now, in my late 30s, my body shows 10 years of change from becoming a mother, dealing with hormonal changes, depression, and anxiety that caused me to gain weight no matter how hard I tried to keep it off. My body is no longer firm and tight, my boobs aren’t as perky, and I rock a cool scar from having a c-section. I noticed how much I hated shopping because I couldn’t find clothes I liked that hid what I saw as flaws. My confidence levels seemed to be lower than I ever could have imagined possible. This made enjoying doing things outside of my comfort zone almost next to …

Everything You Need to Know About Your First Sex-Positive Party

A sex-positive party can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never been to one before. Sex-positive parties, also known as kink parties, are events that are geared toward people with alternative sexualities, and they can offer you an opportunity to explore your sexuality in a safe environment with others who are interested in similar things. This article will cover everything you need to know!