Who are the Rebel Sluts

We wanted to create a space that would serve as a comprehensive guide for those just beginning their exploration of kink. And for those who are looking for specific information, new inspirations, or just enjoy reading about LGBTQIA+ topics. But first, we needed time. Time to meet in person, time to explore life with one another, and agree on a name and a direction for Rebel Sluts.

Our countless hours discussing life, love, and everything in-between led us to Rebel Sluts – a safe sex-positive resource and community where we explore sexuality, identity, health, travel, and safe inclusive events together with other kinksters who want to reclaim the negative slur of “slut” into something positive and empowering. 

Here, you’ll find everything you need: wardrobe tips and tricks, lists of stores and hot spots, health, interviews with people who’ve been there before, and even a members-only locked vault with amazing content not suitable for Youtube (no, we aren’t talking about porn) 😉 .

We hope you enjoy your time here! Be sure to follow us on Instagram for updates on our kink adventures! 


Emma & Cherie