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Don’t Miss These 9 Sexy Things to Do in Hamburg!

If you’re looking to add some sexiness to your trip to Hamburg, Germany, here are 9 sexy things you should definitely not miss out on! You’ll find that Hamburg has plenty of things to offer if you’re looking to have a sexy time while you’re in town…there are even plenty of ways to get down and dirty even if you’re visiting Hamburg with your significant other! Check out this list and make sure you don’t miss these sexy things to do in Hamburg!

1) The Reeperbahn

The Reeperbahn is one of the most famous streets in Germany and it’s also known as the red light district. It’s the epicenter of all things kinky and queer, with a long history of tolerance (in fact, many gay bars were actually opened during the Nazi era to fight against oppression). When you want to see sexy things in Hamburg, The Reeperbahn is definitely where you should go.

2) St. Pauli

With clubs like Ritmo Loco, Molotow, and of course, Hafenklang, St. Pauli offers a number of great kinky clubs where you can either start off or end your evening at. All in all, St. Pauli is THE place to go if you’re looking for steamy nightlife. You will be able to find many other kinky bars scattered across Hamburg as well, so that’s one thing you don’t have to worry about!

3) Sankt Georg

Sankt Georg, Hamburg’s famous red-light district, is a major tourist attraction with canals and historic buildings. Sankt Georg, which includes Binnenalster (Inner Alster Lake) in addition to Reeperbahn, is worth visiting for its vibrant nightlife scene and queer-friendly culture. It’s not unusual to see various forms of public displays of affection between same-sex couples in Sankt Georg. It also attracts a large community of gay men.

4) Fischmarkt

The Fischmarkt in Hamburg is a fisherman’s market where you can see, touch, and even taste fish from all over Germany. It’s open at night during summer, closes at 6 am and it’s always fun to visit for dinner or drinks before continuing to party on one of Hamburg’s beautiful rooftop bars. I would definitely recommend going there if you have time, it is not too far from the city center and there are plenty of food stands to stop by for some snacks before heading to one of its numerous rooftop bars nearby.

5) EAST Hotel

EAST Hotel Hamburg has a private sauna and is located in St. Pauli, not far from a variety of attractions including nightclubs, bars, shopping venues, and Hamburg’s famous port. It’s an ideal base for those looking to explore everything that Germany’s second-largest city has to offer. Rooms range from $170-$400 per night.
Within the hotel, you also get to enjoy the most delicious Sushi and drinks. Our top recommendation if you are looking for a beautiful place to stay while you are experiencing the Reeperbahn or going to one of the many parties there.

6) Erotic Art Museum

Hamburg’s erotic art museum is a true destination for those who enjoy all things sexy. Visit for an erotic art exhibit or tour, and make sure to check out their gift shop for some naughty souvenirs. This museum was founded in 2002 and features works from over 70 artists. Be sure to check out their website beforehand so you can prepare yourself before visiting one of Hamburg’s most popular adult attractions.

7) Boutique Bizarre

The Boutique Bizarre in Hamburg is a sex shop that provides an excellent variety of erotic toys, lingerie, latex and leather clothes, accessories, and everything else you can imagine. It’s a wonderful place to find all sorts of naughty goodies and fun adult toys that are sure to please your imagination. From vibrators and dildos to massage oils and handcuffs, you’ll have no trouble finding all sorts of sexy things here. All products on offer come from quality brands that ensure you get a satisfying experience every time. While the ground level is more suited for vanilla folks, the basement gives the kinky shopper everything they dream of (and more). Prepare to stay for a while, and don´t be afraid to ask for help. There is no fetish or kink, the friendly staff here has not heard of!

8) Pulverfass Cabaret

Pulverfass Cabaret is a unique venue and a real must-see. Located in St. Pauli, it features performances that range from burlesque to circus to variety shows. It’s considered Hamburg’s equivalent of Broadway, but it’s much edgier than anything you’d find there. Often there are local and international performers taking to Pulverfass’ stage, so if you’re in town during one of these occasions, be sure not to miss out

9) Catonium

Catatonium is a dance club with a twist; it’s perfect for BDSM enthusiasts who enjoy a good party or good company.
Folks from all over Europe travel to Hamburg to spend a night or a weekend at the Catonium, and their parties are almost always perfectly organized. Different mottos and changing subjects, round tables, workshops, and much more can be found in those halls. Make sure to check out their website before you go, and try to get tickets in pre-sales. Otherwise, there is a good chance that you won´t be able to get in – most of the parties are sold out way ahead.

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