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Guide to Kink Rituals

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Kink Rituals to Try Tonight
If you’re interested in practicing BDSM but aren’t sure where to start, or if you are more experienced and looking for fresh ideas, here are some rituals that you can use as inspiration to create your own rituals that are unique to you and your partner(s).

Use these rituals as-is or tweak them to suit your tastes. The only ritual that’s required of you is the ritual itself! Rituals give you an opportunity to get in the mood and break down psychological barriers before physical play begins. They also deepen trust and comfort between partners and give everyone involved a chance to communicate their desires openly and freely.

The Benefits of Kink Rituals
Kink rituals are about more than just getting your partner all steamy and ready for playtime. They can help set the mood, create a safe space, and get you both in the correct headspace.

They help bring awareness to the process from start to finish (also known as aftercare). In these moments, we can become more aware and heightened by the process of our rituals and how they connect the energy between playmates.

We have created a free Guide to Kink Rituals where we dive deeper into the process of creating and implementing rituals with your partner(s)!

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