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Fetish Friday: Foot Fetish

One of the most well-known, but sometimes misunderstood, fetishes out there is foot fetishism So, what exactly is foot fetishism, and why does it seem to captivate so many people? Whether you’re looking to learn more about this fetish or simply curious as to what a foot fetish really entails, we can help with our weekly Fetish Friday series!

What’s so enticing about feet?
What’s so enticing about feet? As with other fetishes, foot fetishism can be hard to define, but what’s clear is that it has a whole lot to do with desire. Having a foot fetish is one of the more widely talked about and explored fetishes out there. But for some, it is the very essence of their desires.

Some people like a specific look or feature, while others are aroused by certain smells and tastes. They can be bare feet, in shoes, or even some sexy nylons… Many people with a foot fetish will often go to great lengths to worship the right feet and are very willing to give money for daily photos of feet in all kinds of situations.

A person with a foot fetish will likely love to worship and pamper feet! Foot soaks, pedicures, massages, shoe shopping, lots of licking and sucking… and maybe even some fucking are very common fun activities people with foot fetishes engage in. This fetish can be partner mutual, meaning both partners find arousal together, not just the one who wants to worship the feet but also the one who gets turned on when they are wearing sexy high heel boots and crushing the genitalia of their partner

Remember: a fetish is similar, but not the same as a kink. Why?
Because in order for a person to actually be able to become sexually aroused or experience any kind of sexual pleasure, the fetish must be present (either mentally or physically) in the scene or experience.

Finding your foot fetish community
There are many great places to ask and explore with others in the foot fetish community. Here are our top 3 suggestions:

  1. Reddit, where you can join the r/footfetish subreddit,
  2. Joyclub

These websites have a pretty strict moderation policy for content and user behavior so you’ll feel safe asking questions or exploring your fetish.

Telling your partner(s) you have a foot fetish
So, you have a foot fetish. What are you going to do about it? While having a foot fetish, or at least a kink for feet, is not uncommon—it may still be hard for you to communicate your need to have feet involved for sexual pleasure and arousal.

We always hope our readers are in an open communication relationship where they feel safe to talk about their needs and desires with their partner(s). However, we also know for some, it can still be challenging to start a conversation about it.

We recommend talking with your partner(s) by easing into what you really love about feet and how you would like to explore involving them more during sexytime. Once you lay a foundation that supports you and your partner(s) needs and soft/hard-nos, you can begin really exploring what works best for everyone involved. 😉

Cherie Adele